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The Geographe region is a far more compact and logical area than the sprawling South West Coastal Plain from which it has been excised. Its centre is Bunbury, its southern (or, more properly, southeastern) corner is Busselton, while the Harvey River meanders through the northern boundary on its way to the coast. It is bisected by the Vasse, Capel, Fergusson, Collie and Brunswick rivers, which - as they descend from the hills in the east - create valleys with distinctive climates.
Indeed, while there are (as yet) no officially recognised subregions, there are in truth three quite distinct areas. The first is the true coastal sector, stretching from Busselton to Bunbury, and with the lush, peaceful Capel River (and the town of Capel) at its centre. Wholly maritime-influenced by the warm Indian Ocean, its climate is similar to that of the northern part of the Margaret River, although the soil types vary considerably - the richer alluvial soils around Capel leading to exceptionally vigorous vine growth.

Next is the Donnybrook area, which has a distinctly different climate, as it is cut off from the maritime influence of the Indian Ocean by the intervention of the Darling and Whicher ranges.

Donnybrook was so-named because five Irishmen who first saw it in 1842 thought it resembled Ireland. To be sure it is green and pretty, with rolling hills, gently flowing waterways and forests that may conceal leprechauns.

The district is best-known now for its orchards, working farms that also show deer and alpaca, arts and crafts and wineries. This area is the ideal spot to experience the peace and serenity of country living, along with the opportunity to meet friendly people, enjoy beautiful scenery and sample a taste of the good life.

Cadenza Gallery
At the southern end of town is a studio that shows fine craftwork, especially woodwork.

Rosedeane Tourist Farm Alpacas
Just 14 kilometres from Donnybrook, visitors can interact with a variety of animals including gentle and inquisitive Alpacas and Scottish Highland Cattle.

Old Goldfields Orchard and Cider Factory
Donnybrook once had a goldrush. Here its workings have been re-created. Gold-panning is only one of the activities offered in a splendid family setting. Award winning cider and fruit juices are manufactured and sold at the Orchard.

Historic buildings
Historic buildings are prevalent, including the Anchor & Hope Inn at Donnybrook - built around 1862 as a staging inn for travellers, now offering light refreshments.

Art and Craft
Uniquely crafted pottery and natural timbers gifts and decorative items in and around the town are sure to amaze you, some such as the Old Cheese Factory Craft Centre also offer an opportunity to step back in history.

Where to stay

The donnybrook Visitors Information Centre has a complete listing of all places where you can stay please go to:

Donnybrook Visitors Information Centre Accomodation Guide




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